Jaraxa Software

Consultancy and development company specialized in giving global presence to projects.

Web development

We are experts in developing international web projects being used by thousands of users around the globe. If you are looking for a serious-minded software provider that gets involved from the day one, then you are done. As part of our agile software development philosophy, we will make you feel as part of the team from the very beginning. We know you will like it.

Apps development

The world's interconnection is at its highest level ever. Hundreds of millions of us do bring computers in our pockets every single moment, every single day. Smartphones represent the biggest opportunity to connect with your friends, be in touch with your family and engage your customers we ever had. Have you ever thought your business' next step is to "go mobile"? Let's talk, you are in the right place..

IT Consulting

Our expertise in both software development & IT-consulting brings us the chance to assist you whatever your needs may be. We will help you decide which technologies and tools do suit your needs best, as well as assisting you during analysis, timing, estimations & team-building works. If you already have a running service or product, we will work together with you to identify the major improvements to be done.

Methodology and tools

Our development process is based on agile methodology, strengthening factors like customer satisfaction, early and incremental version deliveries and team motivation.

Being aware of the benefits that a dynamic team provides to a project, we are always ready to react in a positive way on requirement changes, including those in advanced development stages. For achieving this in a natural way we rely on solid tools for all the daily management, planning, documentation and testing works.

Let's talk

Tell us about your project, idea or even the obstacles your currently facing in your software project/s. We'll get back to you in less than 48 hrs.

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